We are unique in Durango we perform warranty repairs bicycles carbon fiber, with equipment and raw materials needed to provide the best quality work !! As the pictures show, we perform complete repair of cracks and fractures in the pictures, different wheels and bicycle parts in carbon fiber! Our repairs are done by an expert technician certificate United Kingdom management techniques, production and manufacture of carbon fiber parts, so all our work is guaranteed !! The cost is relative to the size of the repair performed.


The repair service is for all of Mexico, the contribution is made through photographs or videos sent by the client and evaluated by our expert technician. Finally, it is important to note that the cost of transporting the frame or part to our laboratory is covered by the customer. To perform the job, the client must send the picture or the part to our laboratory and anticipate 50% of the cost of repair when work is ready, the customer pays the rest and the table is sent back to its owner. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to let us the know, gladly attend !!



12 years of experience in México. We provide our services to national and international wire industry Factories.

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